Quantum qguar

QGUAR – IT for logistics and manufacturing

IT systems for logistics

Manufacturing – Transportation – Warehousing

Process planning and tracking,
Efficiency accounting,
Genealogy Lean Manufacturing support,
Minimized number of failures to meet deadlines
Automatic goods identification,
Support of batches and expiry dates,
Automation of account settlement,
Management of fork-lift trucks,
Full control over warehousing processes
Management of time windows,
Time window templates,
Management of notifications,
Operations in notifications,
Limiting visits,
Restriction group,
Gantt chart

Monitoring of production machines,
process visualization,
statistical process control,
supervisory control,
automatic KPI calculation: OEE, MTBF, MTTR,
registration of material and energy consumption

Manual and automatic planning,
Costs accounting and control,
Process monitoring,
ADR support,
Cooperation with mobile devices
Traffic management,
Delivery time windows,
Delivery advice notes,
Visits support,
Minimized accumulation of scheduled events


Project - Infrastructure - Implementation - Service

All IT systems produced by Quantum are delivered to our clients together with comprehensive implementation services. The objective defined by the client constitutes the backbone of every implementation project that guides the construction of fundamental processes and procedures. To reach an assumed objective, accompanying a professional product with an efficiently realized implementation project is required.

Our service packages for infrastructure include both proactive and reactive actions while taking into account strict disaster recovery policy. Very often we also fulfil unusual wishes of our customers to guarantee the maximum level of safety of the IT infrastructure, and thus of the entire organization.

Quantum having long experience in complex IT projects offers a package of services related to network infrastructure design, construction, and management. We design and build cable and wireless networks, both for indoor and outdoor use. We also offer a number of other professional services related to network construction and operation within a company.

The solutions developed and implemented by our company are accompanied with a wide range of technical support products. They guarantee quick and efficient reaction on the part of Quantum, but more importantly, they create the ambience of professional care. A company receiving efficient technical support for its IT products can be sure of a high level of business stability and security, impossible to be reached within the framework of the guarantee alone.

Our customers

We have had the pleasure of cooperating with leading companies in the market since 1997.