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Atmosphere in the workplace

We are a medium-sized company that has developed a work system combining the best aspects of corporations and small companies. We have developed work methodologies and procedures that enable us to create good software and efficiently implement them. Simultaneously, we are viewed on the market as a company that cares for a good climate in the workplace, based on trust and positive interpersonal relations. Other aspects that are much appreciated include flexible working hours and viewing an employee in the context of his/her family and private obligations.

You are our development

Exchange of ideas and information at Quantum is fostered by a flat communication structure. We promote direct and open contact with line managers and the managing board. Thanks to a short and simple information exchange path, ideas go through the decision-making process quickly. Communication is supported by an internal community tool called Central Park. To keep in good intellectual shape, we?ve also organized a self-improvement and inspiration club that meets on a monthly basis to provide a space to inspire interest in subject matters that interest, motivate and drive us.

Remuneration policy

We are aware that our employees find their salaries and clear rules of remuneration for work important. At Quantum, we use a work post pricing system, created on the basis of work post descriptions and careers path, as well as clear-cut rules concerning additional benefits. When establishing our remuneration policy, we?ve done our best to make it motivating and to make salaries competitive.

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Additional benefits

  • Quarterly bonuses that depend on achieved results.
  • Subsidizing of sports cards and other sports activities.
  • Subsidizing of language courses.
  • Other events financed from the Employee Benefit Fund: company parties, Santa Clause events for employees’ children, New Year vouchers.