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Qguar YMS is a system designed to support the management of vehicles and people traffic within an enterprise’s premises.


Qguar YMS is a system designed to support the management of vehicles and people traffic within an enterprise’s premises. Precise planning of time windows for vehicle loading and unloading operations enables the company to optimize the use of available enterprise resources and minimizes instances of unnecessary work accumulation. Current complete knowledge about vehicles and people present within an enterprise’s premises also constitutes an advantage, when it comes to planning every successive logistics event. 

Qguar YMS enables operators to make more accurate decisions concerning the manoeuvring yard of a plant – an important link within the entire logistics chain.

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Qguar YMS (Yard Management System) is a piece of specialized software that allows vehicle and pedestrian traffic to be controlled within plant premises. Moreover, it enhances planning of loading and unloading operations, i.e. it optimizes work, while minimizing downtime. In other words, Qguar YMS supports businesses in the following domains (among others):

  • management of the yard and plant environment;
  • effective use of plant environment;
  • increased safety;
  • management of the parking lot and gate-house;
  • management of pedestrian and vehicle traffic;
  • minimized accumulation of scheduled deliveries;
  • optimization of loading and unloading operations on ramps.


Answers to the frequently asked questions 

Implementation of a YMS class system should be taken in consideration when the number of operations at the interface of the yard and industrial or warehousing infrastructure increases. Other factors worth taking into account include the need to increase safety level within company premises, ensure better contractor service and eliminate process bottlenecks.

Yes. Every visit to the site is registered. Qguar YMS stores complete records of all drivers, accompanying persons and other guests that visit the premises. It also registers all the activities of the guests and vehicles during their visits. The user has access to complete information about the people and vehicles currently present on site.

One of the main tasks of the Qguar YMS system is to ensure smooth servicing of vehicle visits. This involves elimination of bottlenecks and optimum usage of the capacities of logistics facilities used in servicing of vehicle visits (i.e., access gates, external and internal parking lots, docking bays, etc.). Up-to-date information about current and planned visits and potential deviations from plans enables quick reaction to problem and increases yard performance.

By defining the spatial layout of company infrastructure and providing visitors (vehicles) with adequate electronic identification equipment, it is possible to identify their exact location. If electronic communication with visitors (vehicles) is not available, location identification is less precise.

In most cases, a clear system of signs on site (i.e., signs for parking, docks and scales) is sufficient to ensure benefits from Qguar YMS system implementation. Advanced technologies ? such as RFID systems, for example ? are therefore not indispensable.

Thanks to the information stored in the system, the user can reconstruct the history of visits at the site and also identify bottlenecks in logistics processes. Complete records of means of transportation and their historical data enable the user to track and analyse, for example, duration of particular visits, details of the visits and information about any potential abuse or irregularity.

Communication with visitors arriving at a site can be based on mobile phones and SMS messages, emails to smartphones or LED panels / monitors installed on site, depending on the solutions implemented by the client.

With increasing traffic intensity, companies tend to increase the headcount of personnel indispensable to service the yard. Qguar YMS can take many of the service personnel duties over and reduce the time needed to perform particular operations, and thus reduce workloads and real number of FTPs.

To improve handling of visits at a site, Qguar YMS cooperates with various types of equipment and external systems. These include scales, barriers, light displays, mobile phones, HMI screens and even RFID equipment, among other things.

Yes. Depending on system configuration, the process of dock allocation can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automated.

The system provides mechanisms to assess timeliness of forwarders and drivers. Site access management takes into account visit priority and bonuses for arriving on time.

Improving communication between a warehouse and drivers (automatic notification of drivers about the time and location of unloading/loading) reduces warehouse personnel workload.

Contemporary implementation of process support IT systems in companies almost always requires data exchange with other systems. Qguar YMS is an open tool, allowing for flexible creation and extension of interfaces to the majority of ERP-class IT systems available on the market. In its practice, Quantum has implemented several dozen interfaces to a variety of external systems, in various technologies and at different levels of complexity.

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