Certificates and awards

Numerous certificates and prizes granted to Quantum Software attest to the quality of services provided by the company.

Copa Data


In October 2015, Quantum Qguar signed a partnership agreement with COPA-DATA – a world leader in the production of HMI/SCADA-class systems. This strategic decision was aimed at providing a comprehensive product, developed on the basis of experience and professional knowledge accumulated by both enterprises. Today, technologies are developed for industry at innumerable places and at unimaginable rate. Exceptionally wide knowledge and product openness to the external world are the essential requirements to be met by anyone who wants to master the art of providing clients with the best solutions and, most importantly, solutions that are adapted to their current needs. Nobody in the world is capable of being an expert in every domain. As a supplier of MES and APS systems (among others), we considered it appropriate to take advantage of the synergy with advanced solutions developed in COPA-DATA software for the purposes of industrial automation engineering. Apart from world quality products, Quantum will simultaneously acquire access to the global ecosystem of experts? professional knowledge. Becoming a part of the Partner Community provides Quantum with a chance to regularly improve the knowledge of its own specialists and enrich the range of products hitherto offered on the market. Cooperation with COPA-DATA means access to innovative and advanced solutions that will become available to our clients.

Certyfikat Innowacyjności 2010


On 21st June 2012, Quantum software was awarded (for the second time) the Innovation Certificate, which proves that the company was among the 500 most innovative companies in Poland in 2010. Quantum was classified as the 122nd company in this ranking. Studies in the innovativeness of Polish companies have been conducted since 2005 by MSN Scientific Network (ISN MSN) and the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Science (INE PAN).
The methodology for measuring innovativeness applied by these institutions takes into consideration international OECD standards, while companies are assessed within the framework of the 5A systemThe evaluation process covers the following areas:

  • imarket innovativeness
  • process innovativeness
  • expenditure on innovative activity
  • patented own innovations
  • European contracts
The 2010 ranking of innovative companies was published in 2012 and the interested companies were notified of the results by the end of 2012. This is due to the need to process huge amounts of data and the time required to prepare the report itself. The "TOP500 List of the Most Innovative Companies in Poland" is published every year in the "Report on Innovativeness of Polish Economy". More information on the innovativeness programme of Polish companies can be found on the websites of INE PAN (Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Science). We are very happy about the certificate and would like to thank all our clients and employees. It is due to them that we can be innovative.



Dun & Bradstreet, a leading international credit agency, awarded Quantum software a Certificate of Business Credibility (Certyfikat Wiarygodności Biznesowej) in 2011. This certificate confirms that Quantum meets strict criteria examined by D&B. The companies that received this certificate scored the highest in D&B Poland?s stability ranking. Financial data of these companies guarantee high levels of their profitability, financial capacity and liquidity. These are also the companies in which the level of debt is close to zero and registered overdue payments are practically non-existent. Dun & Bradstreet evaluates the credibility and stability of companies on the basis of, among other things, payment morality analysis conducted in accordance with the Bisnode International Payment Monitor programme and the analysis of financial indices from the most recent available financial reports. It is a great honour for us to have been awarded a CWB, as this certification increases our credibility among contractors, and is recognized worldwide.

Certyfikat Innowacyjnosci 2009


On 19th May 2011, Quantum software was awarded the Innovation Certificate, which proves that the company was among the 500 most innovative companies in Poland in 2009. Quantum was classified as the 84th company in this ranking. Studies in the innovativeness of Polish companies have been conducted since 2005 by MSN Scientific Network (ISN MSN) and the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Science (INE PAN). The methodology for measuring innovativeness applied by these institutions takes into consideration international OECD standards, while companies are assessed within the framework of the 5A system. The evaluation process covers the following areas:

  • market innovativeness
  • process innovativeness
  • expenditure on innovative activity
  • patented own innovations
  • European contracts
Due to time limits of the availability of financial data, the need to process them and the time required to draft a report in printed version, the TOP500 LIST presenting information for 2009 was issued in May 2011. The "TOP500 List of the Most Innovative Companies in Poland" is published every year in the "Report on Innovativeness of the Polish Economy". More information on the innovativeness programme of Polish companies can be found on the INE PAN website. For Quantum, this certificate is an important confirmation that its strategy is right and its innovative approach to development of products and services is recognized. We believe it will also motivate us to introduce a number of further innovations, which will be advantageous for customers in all the countries where Quantum?s software offer is available.

Logistics Award Ukraine 2010


Quantum International (a subsidiary of Quantum software) has won the"Logistics Award Ukraine" for the second time in the category of Best IT Solution for Warehouse. The ranking is organized by the Ukrainian Logistics Association (УЛА), in cooperation with the European Logistics Association (ELA). The award ceremony took place on 8th October 2010, during the 4th International Logistics Congress. On behalf of Quantum International, the award was received by the company director, Andrzej Grigorev. Quantum International has been participating in the Logistics Award Ukraine survey since 2009. This year, the competition committee divided the category of Best IT Solution Provider – previously won by Quantum – into two separate categories: Best IT Solution Provider for Supply Chain Management and Best IT Solution for Warehouse. According to experts' assessments and the jury, the list of logistics services leaders in Ukraine comprises trustworthy and stable companies that continue to develop and achieve desired financial results, in spite of global economic turbulence. The winners of the national survey will participate in the European survey organized by the European Logistics Association. We are happy about the success and extend our congratulations to our colleagues.

Innowator Małopolski 2010


On 16th November 2010, Quantum software was awarded a certificate in the Innowator Małopolski 2010 competition, organized by the Centre for Transfer of Technology at the Cracow University of Technology, to identify the most innovative enterprises of Małopolska. We are even more proud of the award, as Quantum software competed to be awarded this title not only for one of its solutions, but also for the overall innovativeness of the company. When creating our own culture of innovativeness at Quantum, we rely on participative models of cooperation among our employees and promotion of creativity based on everyday creative spirit. This work relies on knowledge, research and development activities, the improvement of employees' qualifications and close cooperation with scientific entities and leaders of technology, as well as, first and foremost, cooperation with clients, who are moderators of contemporary innovativeness. We want to dedicate this award to our clients, without whom our ideas would not have had the chance to come into being.

Jakość Roku 2009


On 18th February 2010, Quantum Software was honoured with the prestigious Quality of the Year 2009 award. The programme is organized by the Business Report (a special supplement to Dziennik Gazeta Prawna daily) and the Polish Examination and Certification Centre. The verdict of the Committee of the Quality of the Year programme emphasized the comprehensive, innovative and scalable character of the original proprietary the Qguar package. Experts of the Polish Examination and Certification Centre confirmed that Quantum Software reached high standards, assessed according to the following criteria (among others):

  • functionality of the offered IT solutions for logistics
  • effectiveness of the conducted quality policy
  • employees' involvement into process optimization and attainment of quality objectives
  • effective organization management
  • historic achievements
  • level of satisfaction among customers, employees and social environmen
We are grateful for the award and would like to thank all of our customers, who enable us to develop our products. We consider the award itself to be an incentive for future outstanding achievements.

Produkt innowacyjny 2019


On 4th December 2009, Quantum software, together with Ceramika Tubądzin, were awarded the "Innovative logistics product? emblem in the annual "Logistics Operator of the Year" contest. The award was granted for Quantum?s implementation of "Wave Picking", i.e., an innovative product collection model at Ceramika Tubądzin. Joint efforts of Quantum and our customer – the results of which currently allow for the management of picking and shipment of large quantities of goods in a limited number of picking spaces – was assessed very highly by the contest jury. Apart from the improvement of logistics processes itself, the implemented solution also allows for a significant reduction of storage space necessary for warehouse operations. It should be noted that the awarded innovation is a result of shared concepts and the work of Quantum and Ceramika Tubądzin, which provides a perfect illustration of how important – in these times – close cooperation of a solution provider with a customer actually is. It is also a proof that the partner approach to many projects realized in these times can become a source of numerous interesting innovations that yield notable financial benefits.

Logistics Award Ukraine 2009


On 9th October 2009, Quantum International (a subsidiary of Quantum software) operating in the Ukraine was distinguished with the prestigious Logistics Awards Ukraine 2009 for best IT provider in the logistics industry. The award was granted by the Ukrainian Logistics Association (УЛА) in cooperation with the European Logistic Association (ELA) during the 3rd International Logistics Congress. Quantum International was distinguished for its wide functional scope of products offered for the Transport-Forwarding-Logistics branch, extensive and comprehensive scope of provided services, high competence of experts, wide geographical range of customer support and notable benefits recorded by customers who take advantage of Quantum solutions. We celebrate this event together with our colleagues, and send acknowledgments to our customers, who help us make our products even better on a daily basis.

Diamenty Forbes'a


In the Forbes' Diamonds rating organized in 2009 by Forbes and Dun & Bradstreet, Quantum software was distinguished with Forbes Diamonds as the company that has been the quickest to increase its value in the last three years. In the Małopolska rating for companies of up to 50,000,000 PLN, Quantum was ranked in second place.

Gazela Biznesu 2007


On 10th February, the "Business Gazelles" award ceremony took place in Krakow, attended by representatives of the following provinces: Małopolska, Podkarpackie and Swietokrzyskie. Quantum software S.A. was ranked among the winners of this well known competition, i.e., enterprises achieving very good financial results, characterized by dynamic development and recognized as reliable business partners. Our membership in the élite club was confirmed by the official certificate presented below. "Business Gazelles" rating is organized by the Puls Biznesu daily and the Coface Poland economic intelligence company.



On 11th February 2008, Quantum software became a Silver Citrix Solution Advisor Partner within the "Citrix Partner Network Program". As a Citrix Partner, Quantum software will gain technical support and the most recent product information. Simultaneously, Quantum receives tools for Qguar system development, for example, in the Pick by Voice technology.

Złoty Pegaz


The jury of the "Złoty Pegaz" contest organized by Polska Gazeta Transportowa awarded a special prize to Quantum software, namely: . "Commendation for the best company in the Transport-Forwarding-Logistics branch in 2006? The event took place on 29th May, during the "Days of Transport-Forwarding-Logistics branch? – a conference organized by Polska Gazeta Transportowa in Warsaw. The commendation was given to Quantum in recognition of its efforts in the creation and development of software solutions aimed at enhancing logistics, warehousing, transport management as well as of great number of implementations in many countries. It also mentions the dynamic growth of the company in recent years. This is another optimistic and very pleasant feedback from the market, assuring our work for innovation in and development of logistics in Poland and abroad are recognized and appreciated.

Rozwiazania innowacyjne 2005


On 9th December 2005 in Warsaw, during the annual "Logistics Operator" gala organized by the Eurologistics magazine and Data Group Consulting, Quantum software was honoured with recognition in the category of ?Innovative Solutions for Logistics'. The Jury awarded Quantum recognition for an "advanced mechanism of cost settlement in the QGUAR TMS transport management system and its flexible configuration". We perceive this recognition as a confirmation that our products continue to be developed in the right direction. Comprehensive support of logistics processes by the Qguar system – which allows for a constantly growing range of factors that influence process optimization – is the standard orientation of Quantum's development. The innovative solution applied in the Qguar TMS system to support cost settlement is just one of the advanced mechanisms offered by our systems. The recognized mechanism ideally matches the current needs of many companies in the Transport-Forwarding-Logistics business, as it enables them to define in the system a method of mutual accounts settlement, previously agreed on with a customer. We treat this recognition, in a sense, as an award for current work and encouragement to develop further innovative products for the benefit of our present and future customers.

Operator Logistyczny 2002


Special recognition of Quantum software in the category of IT system implementation. In November 2002, Quantum software S.A. received recognition in the category of IT System Implementation. The award resulted from a ranking carried out by Eurologistics magazine and the Data Group research agency. We value the recognition very much, as it was awarded by the people the system is addressed to. It was precisely the positive opinions of logistics operators working in the Qguar system offered by our company that materialized in the form of the award. In an questionnaire sent to hundreds of respondents, a large majority pointed to Quantum as the leader in IT systems implementation in the logistics sector. Considering the category in which we were distinguished, it is great recognition of the work of our implementation team and the entire company. We would like to thank everyone who has appreciated our work, and whose opinion has lead to granting first place in the ranking to Quantum software.

Certyfikowany Interfejs SAP


On 22nd April 204, Quantum software was awarded an interface compatibility certificate for an interface between Qguar and SAP R/3 systems. It confirms the full capability of the Qguar system to communicate with SAP R/3 systems. Moreover, on the basis of its long experience in implementing systems expected to communicate with SAP, Quantum has achieved the status of "SAP Software Partner". The awarded certificate is an additional assurance to everyone who uses or intends to use the SAP R/3 system that Qguar fully cooperates with such systems and offers modern and advanced warehousing solutions, tested in several dozen large implementation projects throughout Europe. Construction and development of the interface proceeded according to the LE-IDW integration scenario prepared by SAP. One of the principle requirements posed in the scenario involves assurance of continuous interface operations and minimum response time. The interface enables exchange of all information that is necessary from the perspective of warehouse processes support, and is related to deliveries, shipments and changes of quality statuses of load units and batches. Quantum is the sixth company worldwide that has been certified by this method. Quantum software S.A. is therefore the first Polish software company to be awarded a certified interface for SAP R/3 according to the above scenario.The certificate is proof of the Qguar system's technological advancement and its openness to connections with external systems.

Złoty medal


During the TAROPAK 1998 International Packaging Technology and Logistics Exhibition organized by the Poznań International Fair, Quantum software was awarded a Gold Medal. The announcement of the results and the awarding ceremony took place on 18th September 1998. As described in the jury's resolution, the medal was awarded to Quantum for advanced solutions used in its original proprietary IT Qguar system that supports storage logistics process management, and for its availability to small and medium-sized enterprises.