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Integration with Courier Services

During numerous implementations of our IT warehousing system, we have become acquainted with clients’ expectations related to e-commerce. The e-commerce line of trade requires its participants to ensure fast realization of orders, reliability and flexibility in terms of time windows, payment methods and additional services. Integration of the WMS-class system with courier services is a tremendously important component of efficient logistics in warehouses that process large quantities of e-commerce orders.

To meet such expectations, we offer the Qguar Link4Ship system that ensures comprehensive integration of the Qguar WMS system with courier services.

Qguar Link4Ship is a piece of software developed to provide on-line communication between the warehouse management system (Qguar WMS) and IT systems of courier services. When delivered, this software is already integrated with over a dozen of leading courier companies, including DHL, DPD, Fedex, InPost, GLS, Raben, Pekaes, UPS or Poczta Polska [Polish Postal Service]. The interface of the Link4Ship application is based on the technology of Web Services. Communication is realized on-line. The Link4Ship system reduces the time of order realization, enhances the process of package label generation and reduces the quantity of human errors.

Link4ship – What functions does the system offer?

The content of messages offered by Link4Ship differs depending on a particular courier service and the scope of services offered by a given company.

  • generation and exchange of messages between the Qguar WMS system and the system of a courier company, which includes a shipment request message, a label download message, a shipment cancellation message;
  • modification of orders submitted to a courier company;
  • determination of the payment method;
  • shipment insurance;
  • identification of ADR commodities;
  • pallets turnover;
  • handling of return documents;
  • delivery advice notes;

determination of delivery parameters (time windows, home delivery service, call and collect service, etc.).

Via its API interface, Qguar Link4Ship connects to the system of a courier company and allows one to submit a new package to the courier service and download a courier shipment label. From the point of view of a warehouse employee, Link4Ship operates in the background, for the communication between the Link4Ship module with systems of courier companies is triggered by operations performed within the WMS warehouse management system.

Qguar Link4Ship is a useful tool for companies that sell their commodities within the omni-channel model and must adapt – within one organization – to requirements of wholesale clients, retail shops and private clients. The concept of omni-channel sales involves strong personalization of orders and focusing on recipient’s needs. Cooperation with numerous delivery companies and automation of this cooperation ensured by the Link4Ship module allow one to meet clients’ diversified expectations.   


FAQ – Link4Ship

Answers to the most frequently asked question about the Qguar L4S System

Qguar Link4Ship is already integrated with over a dozen of leading courier companies, including DHL, DPD, Fedex, InPost, GLS, Raben, Pekaes, UPS or Poczta Polska [Polish Postal Service]. During its implementation, it is possible to extend the system with plug-ins to other courier companies selected by the client.

Qguar Link4Ship supports operation of companies, whose warehouses service e-commerce industry and who realize their sales within the omni-channel model and usually experience high seasonal demand fluctuations.

No. Link4Ship is an additional module of Qguar WMS warehouse management system.

Link4Ship automates and speeds-up the process of package preparation for a courier company. It reduces the quantity of errors in communications with courier companies and allows one to easily adjust to specific requirements of a recipient.

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