Wireless and cable networks

We will design for you and install a local computer network that is indispensable for the operation of real-time IT systems.

The success of advanced IT project implementation depends on the ability to perform proper and effective completion of each component of the overall solution. Companies selecting specific systems focus sometimes mainly on their operational specification, devoting less attention to other elements of a comprehensive solution. One of the elements with tremendous influence on performance and failure-free system operation is undoubtedly efficient and secure network infrastructure. Advanced technologies used more and more often in enterprises require very high performance of both wireless and cable networks. But continuous development in networking requires sophisticated infrastructure and regular engineer knowledge update. Quantum having long experience in complex IT projects offers a package of services related to network infrastructure design, construction, and management. We design and build cable and wireless networks, both for indoor and outdoor use. We also offer a number of other professional services related to network construction and operation within a company.

Service advantages

  • projects are carried out by specialists with long-standing experience in network solution design and implementation
  • comprehensive solutions meet high safety requirements
  • Quantum has the status of Motorola partner, providing customers with access to the latest technologies and current knowledge
  • project implementation applies the highest quality equipment and network components such as Motorola and Cisco products
  • Quantum has the status of Certified Installer of Molex Premise Networks, which allows networks to be certified and covered by a 25-year manufacturer?s warranty
  • one supplier of the entire solution in case of choosing Quantum  systems

Scope of services

  • design and comprehensive implementation of network solutions (WLAN / LAN / WAN)
  • network systems in industrial facilities (warehouses, halls) and offices
  • network systems in open areas (outdoor)
  • audits and upgrades of existing network systems
  • network infrastructure administration and maintenance
  • IT consulting concerning network solution selection
  • trainings for IT administrators


The services related to network infrastructure are designed among others for the clients:

  • launching new facilities (warehouses, production halls, storage spaces, offices)
  • without existing network infrastructure facilities
  • dissatisfied with the quality of current network solutions
  • wanting to increase the range or improve the performance of their network infrastructure
  • interested in the existing network infrastructure audit
  • wanting to increase knowledge in order to easily administer the network infrastructure
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