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Task delegation and control of production progress in real time.

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Qguar MES enables the user to model production processes in a fast and effective manner and to collect information about the course of their realization. As the system can integrate with external systems (ERP, SCADA, logistics systems), it can trace products, components and raw materials at every stage of their life within a plant, beginning from order placement through the realization of production processes to shipment to a receiver. Collected information about a production process support the management following the principles of “Lean Manufacturing”. 

The system also supports quality standards, including HACCP, IFS and SIX SIGMA, etc. Pre-defined reports provide a complete overview of events occurring in a production house at different levels of detail, from shift foremen to the plant manager.

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Qguar MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a program for managing production tasks that allows most processes proceeding in a plant to be realized faster and in a more efficient manner. The wide range of functions and capabilities of the program includes:

  • management of production orders;
  • registering of effectiveness of machines and equipment (OEE);
  • series and batch genealogy and management;
  • production logistics;
  • production scheduling;
  • quality control;
  • facility maintenance;
  • support of HACCP, IFS, SIX SIGMA, 5S, Poka-Yoke;
  • cooperation with SCADA software and HMI panels;
  • operation based on the Lean Manufacturing concept.


Answers to the frequently asked questions 

Qguar MES can support a wide range of production processes including serial production.

The BPM notation mechanism included in Qguar MES allows for modification of production processes.

Yes. Qguar MES has an APS module to support managers and planners in advanced production scheduling and optimization of production scenarios. Qguar MES can also be integrated with an external APS-class system.

Qguar MES has a “production history” module that registers detailed information on used raw materials, machines, samples taken for inspection, product features, technical parameters and all the people involved in the process (who and when).

Qguar MES allows the user to attach documentation to products/processes and then display information to users, at any point of the process (product cards, quality cards, technical parameters, machine settings, etc.). The user can also attach photographs, videos, text files, PDF files and sound files.

Qguar MES has a functionality to inform users about a variety of events occurring during production or operation of the system. Every alert can trigger an assigned pre-defined reaction of the system. Alerts generated by Qguar MES can be communicated via a wide range of channels such as SMS, email and computer screen messages.

The system offers a detailed inventory of production on the production floor. It registers information on the storage location and exact quantities of all goods in the production facility (material, semi-finished product and final product). Integration with an ERP/WMS system is recommended for tracking of product data based on assumptions of the warehousing management.

QGUAR MES enables the user to define semi-finished product and raw material substitutes by means of BOM options. Products shall be replaced with substitutes of the same functionality, without generating any significant additional costs.

The “machine performance analysis” module in QGUAR MES enables monitoring and acquisition/storage of data concerning machine statuses and resources of the production facility. Analyses of machine operation data logged in the system enable calculation of productivity and OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) indicators and production costs (execution of the order).

The system has a tool designed to generate reports, but the user can also export selected data to MS Excel.

In order to support detailed analyses and monitoring of a production process, Qguar MES can interact with a wide range of production equipment such as scales, robots, automated production equipment, CNC machining centres, labellers and many others.

Qguar MES is equipped with mechanisms that enable it to exchange data with other systems implemented by the client, such as ERP- and HMI-class systems.

Qguar MES can use existing SCADA system components and collect information about machines.

A SCADA system does not have to be present. Qguar MES has other functionalities to that support machine status reporting (HMI).

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