For over 20 years, we have been supporting businesses in digital transformation of their supply chains.

Quantum Qguar provides IT systems for enterprises that pose especially high requirements in the domain of logistics and delivery chain management. Qguar – a system of the Supply Chain Execution class – is the flagship product of the company. It is an original package of software, designed to manage complex production, warehousing and distribution structures. Qguar cooperates with many different ERP-class systems.

Because we aim at delivering comprehensive solutions, we accompany our software packages with:

  • comprehensive services that cover analysis of processes and the needs of an enterprise, design of IT solutions, installation projects, training, implementation, post-implementation assistance, servicing and operation support
  • a wide variety of computer hardware, including servers, printers, scanners, goods identification equipment and industrial automation devices

Quantum addresses its offer primarily at enterprises that fall into the following specific categories of business activities:

  • production companies that pose exact requirements in the domain of logistics
  • logistics and distribution centres, modern warehousing structures
  • trade and distribution companies
  • logistics operators and forwarding and transport companies.

Position in the market

Thanks to its modern and constantly developed Qguar system, Quantum gained the position of a leading producer of specialized software for logistics in East-Central Europe. Around 200 large systems implemented by Quantum both in Eastern and Western Europe provide a solid guarantee of very high quality and competence.


Quantum employs well over 100 people, primarily high-class specialists who are educated and experienced in such domains as computer science, logistics, business management, automation and mathematics. As the company has a modern structure, work is broken into projects and organization is divided into specialized departments and the company is able to consistently pursue its goals and meet its clients? expectations.

Quantum means:

  • many years of experience and exceptional knowledge in the domains of IT, logistics and management;
  • quality – by employing first-class specialists, we aim at offering solutions of the highest quality to demanding clients;
  • Qguar’s international success – original proprietary software that gave Quantum the position of a leading producer of specialized software for logistics in East-Central Europe;
  • comprehensive solutions – apart from the original system designed to manage the domain of production and distribution logistics and the supply chain, we also offer complementary solutions by other producers ;
  • innovative and dynamic performance – these criteria govern our selection of co-workers;
  • a flexible attitude towards our clients’ expectations;
  • pursuit of client satisfaction in the long run through high-quality servicing, broad potential for modifications and extension of every implemented system, combined with particular attention to security.