Analyses and implementations

Hundreds of successful implementations prove our efficiency and best practices.

All IT systems produced by Quantum are delivered to our clients together with comprehensive implementation services. The objective defined by the client constitutes the backbone of every implementation project that guides the construction of fundamental processes and procedures. To reach an assumed objective, accompanying a professional product with an efficiently realized implementation project is required.

Three methods to reach the objective

The methods to be implemented must be adapted to particular conditions. To ensure the selected objectives are effectively reached, we use three methods to guide the realization of implementation projects:


Low level of complexity


Medium level of complexity


Hight level of complexity

Management of implementation projects

In practice, every IT project to be realized is different. Therefore, extensive experience and professional methods of project management are required for implementations to be fast and effective. However, we do not apply uncritically only one specific method of project management. On the contrary, while drawing on our huge experience, we reach out for the best elements of various professional approaches to project realization. However, the methods we take advantage of share many elements.

  • Project initiation and project charter preparation
  • Project management plan
  • Preparation of an implementation team
  • Identification of requirements and scope
  • Division of labour and determination of the order of tasks
  • Schedule – preparation and management
  • 7Management of the project scope
  • Costs management
  • Resources management
  • Quality – plan and managemen
  • Risks – management and reaction planning
  • Change – change management
  • Communication – planning and managemen


Precise implementation analysis is one of the most important elements of a successful project. It provides a precise definition of the project scope, collects detailed requirements and determines all the remaining elements that are required for professional project management.

In cooperation with a client, we analyse the following issues, among others:

  • Project objectives
  • Company organization structure
  • Detailed process requirements
  • Type and method of documents circulation
  • Principles of data exchange with other systems
  • Cooperation with devices and machines
  • Telecommunication and IT infrastructure

Management-aiding tools

Project work progress involves the need to manage task realization and completion.
To meet this challenge, Quantum takes advantage of its original QProject system, used both by consultants and software developers. The system provides the possibility of detailed documentation of both work realization and testing phases.

Design-aiding tools

The design and modelling of processes is very often a complex and painstaking task. Therefore, professional design-aiding systems can be very helpful. At Quantum, process modelling and design is enhanced with the Sparx Enterprise Architect system , which enables us to document requirements and graphically present processes efficiently. This tool also provides the possibility of ordering analyses and easy management of changes.

Narzędzia projektowe


A modern IT project is a huge set of various types of information and knowledge. Thus, it involves numerous important documents. The following count among the standard set of documents:
  • Project charter
  • Pre-implementation analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Implementation schedule
  • Service charter
  • Work-place operating procedures
  • List of open points
  • Implementation stage acceptance protocol
  • Implementation completion protocol.

Projekt structure

In the case of simple projects, their management does not require an extensive structure. Yet, in projects that involve higher numbers of participants, it is necessary to establish a structure that will allow the project to be managed effectively.

Qguar - Project structure