Why customers choose Quantum

We provide our clients with comprehensive support in modernization and rationalization of each link of their supply chains. We facilitate selection of solutions that allow an enterprise to accelerate its development, now and in the future.  

Comprehensive SCE solutions

A broad range of products that support SCE and provide the possibility of achieving integrated and uniform company servicing.

Permanent product development

Over a dozen years of development and improvement of systems in cooperation with scientific research organizations and technology leaders.

Advanced technologies

RF, RFID, Voice Recognition, GSM, GPS, GPRS, Pick by Light, Pick by Line, GS1 and many others.

Original proprietary product

The Qguar package is original proprietary software developed by Quantum. The company has full property rights to the package, which ensures maximum flexibility in the development of solutions adapted to particular clients? needs.

Experience in various lines of trade

Our systems operate in production, distribution, trade and transport companies, logistics centres and many other enterprises.

International integrated installations

We have integrated international installations that operate on shared database resources.

Innovative implementation methods

We offer both globally- and individually-tested implementation methodologies, adapted to our clients’ needs.

High number of available specialists

Our group employs about 150 experienced specialists, who provide our clients with the guarantee of stable and long-term cooperation.

Offer for small, medium-sized and big enterprises

Thanks to scalability of our products and flexible implementation methodology, our systems are able to operate in small, medium-sized and large enterprises.

Certificates and awards

Our products, services and the company itself have been granted awards for the quality and innovative character of our solutions.


Our products are also offered by our partners at different levels of cooperation, both in Poland and abroad.

Reduction of logistics costs

Qguar systems support a range of logistics tasks, which enable efficient, faster and cost-effective servicing.

Optimization and productivity

Advanced optimization algorithms rationalize, improve and accelerate many processes. Standard servicing procedures in the Qguar system significantly increase workforce productivity.

Task monitoring

The systems offered by Quantum supervise all stages of tasks realized within logistics processes very precisely.


Years of experience gathered in projects realized for different logistics sectors have provided us with a testing ground for product improvement.

Cooperation with external systems

Our software cooperates with other suppliers’ systems via dedicated and standard interfaces.

Better quality of client servicing

Thanks to a global perspective on logistics, we ensure higher satisfaction of our clients’ customers.