Comprehensive IT services

If your organization lacks IT specialists, take advantage of the aid provided by our staff.

The increasing complexity of the ICT infrastructure and the rapid pace of technological changes within the IT/IS are the main challenges faced by contemporary companies. Expenses on hardware and system infrastructure are very often a significant investment. Therefore, it is extremely important to have extensive and current knowledge on the solutions available on the market that can bring the expected results. We need to know which elements of the new infrastructure should  be bought, how to combine them with other components to provide efficient and flexible operation, which solutions and standards in terms of safety and security should be applied, and which software tools should be used. This is just a small part of the knowledge that must be possessed by companies in order to keep up with global changes. Therefore, it is becoming justified to more frequently outsource the selected IT services to external IT companies that can provide such services faster and more effectively due to their specialization. Quantum supports many companies in analysis and advice related to the IT infrastructure, selection and configuration of hardware for many system platforms used in practice. Our experienced team of certified experts provides advice, and delivers to the customer ready and operational solution for which it can then assume full maintenance service. Our service packages for infrastructure include both proactive and reactive actions while taking into account strict disaster recovery policy. Very often we also fulfil unusual wishes of our customers to guarantee the maximum level of safety of the IT infrastructure, and thus of the entire organization.

Scope of services

Quantum services associated with IT infrastructure include:

  • analysis of hardware and system infrastructure
  • advice on the selection and scaling of solutions
  • designs of complete solutions
  • delivery and installation of necessary hardware and software
  • training
  • warranty and post-warranty service
  • proactive protection
  • reactive protection
  • disaster recovery policy
  • individual solutions

Advantages of comprehensive it services

  • team of experienced professionals
  • partnership with IT technology leaders
  • advanced diagnostic and administrative tools
  • services available 24 hours a day
  • services related to hardware and software
  • support for multiple system platforms
  • comprehensive implementation of complex projects


Advanced IT services offered by Quantum are the ideal solution for those who meet at least one of the following criteria:
  • do not have enough proper IT professionals in their organisation
  • the company implements one-off or occasional IT project(s)
  • the company?s resources are not sufficient for 24/7 operation
  • want to use the technical resources of a larger company
  • want to outsource a specific fragment of IT operations
  • want to use knowledge of an experienced team
  • want to implement preventive solutions to protect the infrastructure
  • want to minimize the impact of any unforeseen failures

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