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Comprehensive support for the management of transport operations realized both by company’s own fleet and by sub-contractors.

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Qguar TMS is a system designed to support planning, monitoring and settling accounts of transport processes. Tracing product batches along a distribution channel and extensive possibilities of settling accounts of a transport process are just basic system capabilities. Another source of Qguar TMS’s power is its interrelation with the remaining Qguar systems, especially Qguar WMS (or other systems in the same class).

Qguar TMS provides the possibility of managing dangerous goods and settling logistics operations accounts. As its available functions, based on artificial intelligence, comprise optimal route planning, transport order consolidation, transhipment operations and many others, Qguar TMS is an extremely powerful tool, not only for dispatchers.

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Qguar TMS (Transport Management System) is a piece of comprehensive software for transport management that offers its users an entire range of solutions that facilitate daily work within transport tasks, realized in company offices, dispatch rooms or reloading hubs. These solutions cover (among others):

  • support of hubs, intermodal transport and ADR tasks;
  • control of costs, settlement of transport and carrier accounts;
  • management of shipping orders;
  • monitoring of transport-related events;
  • management of return packaging units and pallets;
  • support of mobile technologies;
  • tracing of warehouse batches and carriers.


Answers to the frequently asked questions 

Qguar TMS is equipped with advanced mechanisms designed to support settlement of several types of costs, such as due payments for transportation services, costs of particular means of transportation and mileage or tonnage costs. It can also calculate the cost of an individual shipment unit as a percentage of the overall delivery cost.

Thanks to the “carrier ranking” functionality, Qguar TMS can suggest the cheapest carrier for the particular order. However, it is always possible to select a carrier other than the one indicated by the system.

Yes. Qguar TMS is equipped with a functionality designed to schedule routes in compliance with binding regulations of the law. The system registers driver working times over a selected route and detects irregularities in driving times and duration of mandatory pauses.

Qguar TMS’s functionalities support both direct delivery of goods and transportation via intermediate handling stations (hubs). In the Qguar TMS system, hubs (points of reloading and transport organization) are responsible for receipts of shipments, their temporary storage (if applicable) and organization of subsequent stages of delivery to clients.

Yes. The system supports these activities as a part of the hub service functionality, but also in client loading and unloading points based on mobile hardware and a set of functionalities available in the Qguar TMS Mobile application. Qguar TMS Mobile is used by a driver equipped with a mobile communication device (i.e., a smartphone, a terminal, etc.)

Qguar TMS supports traffic dispatchers in planning transportation of dangerous goods in compliance with international and local agreements and regulations. The system checks whether the objects planned for realization of the route can be involved in hauling ADR goods. It also checks the validity of a driver’s certifications for hauling a particular class of dangerous goods and verifies whether a vehicle used to transport such goods has the adequate equipment. Qguar TMS also archives information about completed dangerous goods deliveries, which is required for annual ADR transports reports.

Yes. The system can consolidate orders by combining several shipments into one consolidated delivery order. For such a consolidated order to be created, the buyer and location (start and end points) data have to be consistent.

Yes. Qguar TMS is equipped with a route planning algorithm. Combined with a digital map, it allows automatic planning of transport routes. Depending on individual needs, Qguar TMS is equipped with various optional route planning algorithms, taking into account the client’s individual needs.

Qguar TMS is available in mobile versions for Android and Windows Mobile. By means of a smartphone, drivers can send, for example, a delivery confirmation or other information related to a delivery route.

Yes. Qguar TMS allows the user to work via an Internet browser level.

The digital map is used to support several aspects of transportation management. Among other things, it enables geotagging, i.e., determination of geographic coordinates of a particular location, calculation of distances between locations along a route and constructing/preview of planned itineraries on a map.

Contemporary implementation of process support IT systems in companies almost always requires data exchange with other systems. Qguar TMS provides the possibility of flexible creation and extension of interfaces to the majority of ERP class IT systems available on the market. In its practice, Quantum has implemented several dozen interfaces to a variety of external systems, in various technologies and at different levels of complexity.

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