System WMS e-Commerce Qguar

Qguar WMS adapted especially for the needs of e-commerce.

System WMS e-commerce Qguar


Qguar WMS adapted especially for the needs of e-commerce.

While implementing our warehousing management system in numerous companies, we gained a deep insight into the needs and expectations of our clients in the domain of support of e-commerce. Motivated by these needs, we developed a version of the Qguar WMS system that is adapted in particular to the needs of e-commerce. Features of Qguar WMS designed to support e-commerce are listed below:

Multipicking (Cluster Picking)

During a multipicking task, an employee simultaneously picks products that are required to realize several orders and sorts these products according to the orders to be realized. This task requires a special picking basket or trolley with separate segments (compartments). The number of segments corresponds to the maximum number of orders that can be realized in parallel.

Multipicking proves to work best, when a large number of small-volume orders is to be realized and the goods to be picked are small in size and their weight is low. This method allows one to considerably reduce the routes to be covered by warehouse employees, which translates into reduction of time required to realize orders.

Shipment consolidation

Consolidation of shipments reduces considerably the costs of transporting small-sized mixed products. The method allows one to share transport costs with other companies. Moreover, shipment consolidation is an indispensable element, when one works in the cross-docking model. The Qguar system supports tasks related to the product consolidation process in a warehouse.

Effective packing

Packing is a crucial and challenging process in warehouses that support e-commerce. Qguar WMS is fitted with a number of functionalities that allow packing efficiency to be increased, while reducing the number of potential errors. The system supports Value Added Services (VAS), such as clustering of articles, re-packing, labelling, simple assembly tasks or adding samples and marketing materials to packed goods. The software also covers automatic label generation and print-out.

Integration courier services

We developed a special Ling4Ship module that takes care of on-line communication with IT systems of courier companies. The interface is based on the WebServices technology. At present, our system offers ready-to-use integration functionalities that supports 19 leading courier companies, including Raben, DHL, DPD, Fedex, GLS, Pekaes or UPS. These integration functionalities allow the time of order realization to be reduced, enhance the process of label generation for packages, and reduce the number of potential errors.

The WMS system for e-commerce – warehouse automation

In the case of companies that realize large-scale business activities and offer small-sized mixed products, warehouse automation becomes an indispensable condition of efficient operation. Only automation systems can enable such companies to realize huge amounts of shipments within deadlines acceptable for clients.

The Qguar WMS system can communicate with multiple elements of warehouse automation equipment. The communication is realized through the MFC (Material Flow Control) module. The module manages the flow of materials in real time, while synchronizing simultaneous operation of multiple devices. The software may also provide visualization of the operation of automation systems and report potential irregularities.

Monitoring of warehouse operation

In e-commerce, fast operation and ability to react in real time are crucial and indispensable. The required level of efficiency is ensured by warehouse manager cockpits. Through this functionality, Qguar WMS notifies the operator about the current situation in his warehouse. The range of indicators presented on the cockpits can be adapted to customer’s individual needs.
Among the most frequently monitored indicators, one finds the following:

  • number of current issue orders,
  • warehouse occupancy,
  • number of transport orders per user,
  • number of shipments on a particular day over the recent period of time,
  • stock status (number of load units),
  • number storage places in warehouse areas.
WMS e-Commerce

Support of wave picking

Qguar WMS facilitates implementation of advanced organization models of warehouse operation, such as wave picking. This model allows one to considerably mitigate limitations resulting from shortage of warehousing space or insufficient size of picking locations. Wave picking is a very effective solution in the case, when a company intends to considerably broaden the range of assortment on offer and to do so over a short period of time. The Qguar WMS allows one to efficiently organize wave picking, while also allowing for sorting of shipments into traditional ones and those based on the wave picking model.

Definition of picking zones

The Qguar WMS system allows one to virtually divide a warehouse into smaller areas (zones). The size of a zone is determined on the basis of the rate of rotation of stock stored in the zone. The higher the rotation index, the smaller the zone. Division of a warehouse into zones proves very useful in large-sized facilities, where numerous small-sized articles are stored. The Qguar WMS system allows the operator to continuously monitor loading of particular zones with order realization tasks.

Additional operations during picking process

Mobile terminals allow for continuous communication between warehouse employees and the Qguar WMS system. Thanks to this feature, the software may  at any moment update instructions for employees or supplement task lists. This functionality may be used to warn an employee that a given article is fragile, or to notify him about the need to carry out an additional task, e.g. to tie a ribbon around an article or add a free-of-charge article.

Transparency and fast information exchange

Thanks to cooperation between the warehousing system and an application for on-line ordering, Qguar WMS can provide the client with up-to-date information about product availability and expected date of its delivery. Thanks to control over stock status and ability to make reservations in real time, a company can decide in time to supplement products that it is soon going to run out of.

The WMS system for e-commerce – integration

Qguar WMS can cooperate with many types of IT systems, implemented both internally, in a company, and externally, at partners’ facilities (e.g. in courier agencies). The Qguar WMS system can be integrated, among others, with the following software systems:

  • ERP
  • Order Management System
  • Manufacturing Execution System
  • Transport Management System
  • Yard Management System
  • Dock Scheduling
  • Systems used by courier companies

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