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We support you during daily work with Qguar software, database systems, operating systems and other software. We adapt the scope of our care to meet your expectations.

The solutions developed and implemented by our company are accompanied with a wide range of technical support products. They guarantee quick and efficient reaction on the part of Quantum, but more importantly, they create the ambience of professional care.
A company receiving efficient technical support for its IT products can be sure of a high level of business stability and security, impossible to be reached within the framework of the guarantee alone.

Selection of a support time span

We are perfectly aware of the fact that time is the fundamental key to the rationalization of logistics. For this reason, systems aimed at logistics support must be characterized by an exceptionally high availability coefficient. Consequently, we are able to prepare a technical support and assistance product that meets the needs of an individual client. It means that it is the client who decides about the days and hours of service availability and about the reaction and repair times.

Development and progress tracing

Technical support and assistance cannot be limited only to solving potential problems. It also means active support of the client in developing and extending the implemented system. A technical support team permanently ascribed to a client may support him with counselling assistance and also process reported need for works related to system modifications and extensions. To provide our clients with current information about the progress of works ordered to a support person, Quantum may provide a remote web tool that enables the client (once he receives an access password) to monitor the progress of his order realization on the run.

Selection of a support range

To meet varied requirements of our clients half way, we created several different levels of technical support products, available for particular systems and adjusted to varied levels of clients’ expectations. It is the client who decides to select a particular range of technical support products, corresponding to his specific needs.

Qguar software performance
This level involves technical support and assistance works related to Qguar systems developed by Quantum and delivered to a client. Any potential hindrances in the functioning of the solution delivered by Quantum, the reason of which lies in the software developed by Quantum, will be efficiently eliminated within a period agreed-upon with the client. At this level of support, the client has additional right to select the days of the week, when technical support products will be available to him (Monday through Friday, Saturday, Sunday), the working hours of the support team as well as not-extendible times of reaction to and repair of potential bugs in the Qguar software. For the client, the guarantee of professional technical support on the part of the producer of the software he developed means a high level of security and stability of the purchased product.

Extended support package related to qguar system environment
The concept behind this level means that Quantum extends the range of its support beyond the limits of its own product. Interruptions in the functioning of a given system may oftentimes be caused by factors external to the system itself. For the client, the extended package of support for the environment of Qguar systems means that, in the case of potential difficulties in system functioning, Quantum supports the client in removing the reported problem down to its final cause, even if the source of the problem has been identified to lie outside Qguar software. The basic objective of this support level is to restore the operability of the entire environment of the Qguar system as soon as possible. A client who takes advantage of this package also gets access to a number of other options, i.e., free of charge telephone assistance, free of charge licenses for new Qguar versions or service price freeze.

This level involves the possibility of transferring
the obligations related to monitoring of and control over the operating system to Quantum. As Quantum takes over such regular activities as the control of available disc space and system logs or control of operating system performance, the analysis of OS processes aimed at determining their impact on system performance, the on-line monitoring of OS system operation or, for instance, installation of OS manufacturers’ patches, the client’s IT team are relieved from these burdens. Quantum offers support related to the following operating systems: Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris.

This level involves taking over the client’s obligations related to monitoring and control of the ORACLE DBMS database system. The range of services provided by Quantum at this level covers the control over and reporting on the operation of the DBMS system, which includes system performance and statistics, inspection of proper creation of backup copies, archiving of backup copies, installation of the manufacturer’s patches, control of system work-load with database-related tasks, maintenance and updating of the testing database, control over the functioning of the stand-by server.

Support related to hardware and it infrastructure
This technical support level means in practice that Quantum takes over control of the entire IT infrastructure or its specified fragment. Within this level, Quantum assumes the obligation to be ready to provide support and remove hardware-related failures and to administer database servers, stand-by servers, disc arrays or VMware or Oracle RAC systems. Within this support level, it is possible for the client to transfer an atypical range of support and assistance tasks to Quantum.


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