Our team and our values

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Our team and the values we uphold

We are proud of our employees

Quantum Qguar employs well over a hundred people. These are people that are knowledgeable and experienced in many domains, including IT, logistics and project management. Yet, it is the attitude of commitment to work that we value the most in our employees. They are people who derive satisfaction from designing solutions that enhance and rationalize logistics processes in companies in Poland and around the world. During our recruitment process, we look for proactive people that feel fulfilled in doing team work and are willing to develop their IT competence related to logistics. We have ambitious goals, but we also have principles and uphold values that help us achieve these goals.

Innovativeness – challenges and change

The IT sector is a demanding domain of the economy. We are looking for open-minded, courageous people that are ready to create and develop new solutions. Each innovation our employees share with us is a real innovation – no matter whether it is an internal company improvement or a new business solution. Whatever function you have in our company, you create will things that matter.

Stability – coherence and responsibility

We have already been operating on the Polish market for 20 years. We are an employer that enjoys a well-established position in Poland and continue to develop through expansion to new markets. Our Qguar system services numerous enterprises in Europe and the rest of the world. Most recently, our expansion has been aimed at South America.

Cooperation – listening and support

What our clients value in us is the broad support we offer them at each and every stage of project realization. Cooperation based on respect and trust is the foundation on which we construct not only our relations with clients, but also the relations within Quantum. We know that – apart from modern procedures of software development – everyday relations between employees are extremely important. We strive to build a friendly atmosphere at the workplace, so that everyone feels unrestrained.