In our extensive practice, we have developed hundreds of interfaces to other manufacturers’ systems, with the aim of connecting Quantum logistics software with systems and devices that support other enterprise domains.

Qguar most often exchanges data with ERP-class systems, but also with BI systems, production, forwarding, addressing and customs systems, and many other specialized tools implemented by our clients.

In practice, we can single out the following groups of interfaces:

The standard interface of the qguar systems

The standard interface based on flat files is one of the basic data exchange methods offered by the Qguar system. It can operate on files in .txt or .xml format. The interface enables the import and export of lots of information required for a given Qguar system to operate. The data may cover, for instance, information about articles, companies, assignments and orders. The files used for data exchange over the standard interface have an appropriate structure and their fields are separated by a separator defined as a standard. The data flow over the interface is broken down into messages. Each message contains a coherent set of data that describes a certain logistics (business) event, an object or a particular document. Files exported over the standard interface are generated in the codepage that corresponds to the codepage of the database the interface is operating on. The standard interface is not subject to any changes and requires the client to adapt to its format and structure. The standard interface is supplied free of charge to clients who use Qguar systems.

Qguar IFC - Interface Creator

Qguar IFC is a ready-to-use tool for data exchange between Qguar systems and external systems. It comprises a set of base messages (message templates) combined with procedures and previews for message processing. Qguar IFC has also a mechanism that enables the user to create derivative messages, and thus it facilitates easy generation of new messages without any need for additional software development. Qguar IFC is a separate system in the Quantum offer and requires a licence to be purchased. More information can be found here…