Hardware requirements

Wymagania Sprzętowe

Since the beginning of development of the Qguar system, we have been guided by the assumption that the system should be able to operate in companies of any size. The size of a particular company should only require proper selection of hardware infrastructure. The architecture adopted for the Qguar systems has enabled us to keep realizing these assumptions to the present day. Clients who chose our solutions over a dozen years ago are still using Qguar systems. As their companies have developed, they had to do nothing more than extend their hardware resources and perform adequate software upgrades.

Small Qguar system installations are possible to be performed on single small-sized servers. In larger installations, clients prefer big machines, usually virtual ones, imposed by modern architecture of the already operating server rooms. The server side of Qguar systems is primarily responsible for efficient management of databases and applications. Workstations with Qguar systems, in turn, focus primarily on interactions with users. Depending on the selected Qguar system and the functions of its user within the organization, it is possible install it on many different devices, designed to function as workstations. The range of choice covers typical personal computers and laptops, but also tablets, smartphones and specialized industrial terminals.

Today, when computer hardware keeps developing at an unimaginable rate and there are many alternative solutions available on the market, it is difficult to determine specific hardware requirements in a universal manner. It is also difficult for hardware parameters identified today to be binding within several months’ or years’ time and to be additionally dependent on the infrastructure already operating at the client’s company. Therefore, instead of universal principles of hardware selection, we assumed to determine precise hardware requirements for each solution individually. After analysing the IT infrastructure already functioning at the client’s site, the scope of Qguar system implementation, the number of expected users, enterprise development plans and tens of other important factors, our certified engineers prepare a specific hardware proposal.

As we are a certified partner of many recognized producers of telecommunication and IT hardware, we are also able to provide our clients ? apart from the specialised knowledge of our engineers required for consulting purposes – with ready-made hardware solutions.