Database for Qguar Systems

Wymagania bazodanowe

In order to ensure as fast, advanced and safe operation of software as possible, Quantum selected the Oracle system as the basic database system for Qguar. Apart from technologically advanced solutions and safety offered by Oracle DBMS, the system provides the possibility of installation scaling at the client’s site.

In smaller-sized installations, Standard Edition 2 of the Oracle DBMS can be successfully implemented. When it comes to larger installations, it is worth considering the Oracle Enterprise Edition. The user can at any moment carry out a payable migration from the Standard Edition 2 system to the Enterprise version without any damage to the existing Qguar installation.

Another advantage of Oracle DBMS derives from a large set of additional tools that provide the possibility of carrying out advanced operations on an existing database, usually containing huge amounts of precious data.

Detailed guidelines concerning selection of a particular system version and hardware requirements corresponding to Oracle DBMS are presented in detailed offers that can be prepared upon Quantum becoming acquainted with the details of the system operation environment at the client’s site.