System VW Qguar

Qguar VW

Virtual stroll through your warehouse.

Although presentation of a huge amount of logistics-related information in the form of balance sheets, tables and reports seems sufficient, it cannot substitute graphical data presentation in some situations. An adequately constructed form of visualization of logistics resources or the status of a unit at a given moment can provide indispensable information for decision-making much faster and in a more legible manner. Qguar VW enables users of Qguar WMS systems to see warehouses in a totally new perspective. Qguar VW is a technologically advanced system that provides the possibility of graphical visualization of warehousing entities together with the entire internal infrastructure. The system provides the possibility of previewing warehousing entities in 2D and 3D in a fast and effective manner, so that a 3D image is available at different levels of detail. Apart from warehouse infrastructure elements that are directly related to goods storage, Qguar VW also includes other pieces of equipment – such as packing lines, sorting machines, conveyors, printers or wrapping machines – in its visualizations.


Representation of all these elements improves the accuracy of visualization of the entire facility and assessment of the condition of a selected area. Thanks to its modern, clear and user-friendly graphical design, the system is exceptionally simple to operate, while ensuring extraordinary performance.

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