System moRFID Qguar

Qguar moRFID

Automatic product identification thanks to an innovative RFID gate.

While actively supporting the propagation of RFID in industry, Quantum created an innovative moRFID component that considerably simplifies and shortens a company’s path to the advantages offered by the huge potential of RFID. moRFID is an independent hardware-software component that allows unit flows in any process to be recorded thanks to RFID technology. It is a ready-made set of hardware equipped relevant software that can be placed at any point in industrial or logistics processes. moRFID is able to automatically record all the indispensable data contained in RFID tags. It then sends them (in an open standard) to an IT system (e.g., ERP, WMS, MES). Thanks to the modular structure of the system, solutions adapted to a client’s requirements can be easily constructed. It is of extreme importance that, thanks to the ready-to-use character of the moRFID component and the open data exchange standard, it can be installed by any IT company that support the current business needs of a particular client.


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